Important information and Rules pertaining to admission for the session 2023-24 are as given below and are part of the Guide to Admission (Schools) which can be seen / downloaded from the website:

Candidates who apply for admission, their parents/guardian are advised to carefully read the same and it shall be presumed that they agree to abide by the same.

  1. Admission to all Classes as detailed in this Guide is open to Indian Nationals only. However, a few seats are additionally earmarked for Foreign Nationals and children of Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Candidates applying under foreign national/children of Non- resident Indians category should refer to the relevant Guide/Supplement for them.

  2. Candidates can apply for admission to Class I, VI and IX only.

  3. The School reserves the right not to admit any candidate to a class even though a notification inviting applications for admission to the same has been issued.

  4. The School reserves the right to deny admission to any candidate/applicant seeking admission to any class of study who has been found indulging in any criminal, illegal or anti-social activities and whose presence in the School campus will be detrimental to peaceful atmosphere in the School.

  5. Use of unfair means/impersonation in Admission Test and canvassing in any manner for securing admission shall render a candidate disqualified.

  6. Eligibility rules as specified for each class shall be strictly followed and shall not be relaxed under any circumstance. Candidate should satisfy himself/herself that he/she fulfills the eligibility requirements prescribed for admission to the concerned class.

  7. A candidate shall be eligible to apply for admission to a class if he/she has passed the qualifying examination (wherever required) from a recognized school and also fulfills all other eligibility requirements in terms of Transfer Certificate, age etc. If the age falls short or exceeds even by a single day, the candidate shall not be eligible for admission.

  8. Candidates awaiting result of qualifying examination (wherever required) may also apply for admission with the clear stipulation that in the event of their selection they will be entitled to admission only if they fulfill all eligibility requirements of concerned class at the time of admission.

  9. Candidate should clearly specify his/her order of preference of Schools from among those listed under the class concerned. The order of preference, once indicated, will not be changed.

  10. Changes, if any, made in the Admission Rules and/or in the eligibility criteria from time to time, shall be applicable to candidates seeking admission in the School even after notification.

  11. Application Forms may be rejected if:

    1. Submitted incomplete.

    2. Not submitted on prescribed form

    3. Submitted without online payment of the requisite fee,

    4. Submitted after the last date.

and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. No relaxation in the last date shall be granted. The University takes no responsibility for non-submission of Application Forms or any other communication related to admissions.

  1. Admit Card to appear in the Admission Test will be downloadable from Controller’s website one week before the Admission Test date.

  1. Candidate should ensure that he/she possesses the proper Admit Card before he/she reaches the Test Centre.

  2. The medium of the Test paper shall be the Medium of Instruction as opted by the candidate in his/her Application Form.

  3. The University reserves the right to make changes in the notified Admission Test Schedule.

  4. In case any candidate who does not meet the eligibility criteria prescribed for the concerned class appears in the Admission Test, he/she shall be doing so at his/her own risk and cost, and if at any stage, it is found that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility requirements, the admission, if granted, shall be cancelled ipso facto.

  5. For answering the questions, answer sheet/ booklet shall be provided to the candidates applying for admission to Class I. Candidates are required to write the answers to the questions in the answer sheet / booklet only.

  6. For answering the questions, OMR answer sheets shall be provided to the candidates applying for admission to Class VI and IX. Candidates are required to mark the answers to the questions on the OMR answer sheet only.

  7. The lists of candidates short-listed for Interview/Counselling and/or the lists of those selected for admission will be displayed on the Controller’s Office Website/ Notice Boards of the concerned Schools. The dates notified for Interaction/Interview/Counselling/ Admission shall strictly be followed. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep himself /herself informed from NoticeBoard(s) / website or through their own sources whether their names appear in the displayed lists and thereby make timely arrangements to appear for interaction/Interview/Counselling or for completing the admission, as the case may be. The University shall not be responsible if a candidate fails to get information regarding his/her short listing for Interaction/Interview/counselling or selection for admission. No separate intimation letters will be sent to the candidates short-listed for interaction/ interview /counselling or selected for admission.

  1. Candidates is required to produce all relevant Certificates/Documents with regard to their date of birth, special categories claimed and other uploaded documents in original at the time of interaction/interview.

  2. The University may issue or display `Chance Memos’ in addition to the list of selected candidates. Chance Memo is not an offer of admission but is issued only in case there is likelihood of a vacancy due to any reason. Chance Memo list, if any, shall be displayed on the Controller’s Office Website/ notice boards of the Schools. It is the responsibility of the candidate to keep track of all such notices.

  3. Any seat that remains unfilled after the completion of admissions of candidates on the select list shall be filled up by the candidate who had reported with reference to his/her Chance Memo on the specified date and time as per the Chance Memo list, if any, strictly in order of Chance Memo Number. However, if such a vacancy arises after the closing date of admissions, the vacancy shall not be filled up and the same shall remain unfilled.

  4. No correspondence shall be made to candidates not selected for admission and the documents / certificates / Test Fee / Processing Charges shall not be returned.

  5. Selected candidates shall be allotted School on merit automatically/through counselling as per their preference indicated in the Application Form. A candidate who has been selected for a higher preference will have no claim for lower preferences.

  6. Selected candidates may be allotted a School over and above the preferences as indicated in their Application Form.

  7. A candidate provisionally admitted to a School shall be upgraded, on merit, to another School of higher preference in the event of a vacancy arising therein automatically/ through counselling.

  8. A candidate admitted to a School shall be permitted to retain the same if he/she submits an undertaking on prescribed Proforma to the Principal of the School on the date of his/her admission for not upgrading his/her admission to a School higher in preference.

  9. All admissions shall be provisional.

  10. No candidate shall be allowed to take admission to the Class, if he/she has already passed higher class.

  11. Candidates should report in person along with the Parent/Guardian at the time of interaction/interview/counselling/admission.

  12. Selected candidates shall not be allowed to complete admission formalities in absentia. Candidate not reporting for admission on the stipulated date and time, shall forfeit his/her claim for admission. The offer of admission shall stand cancelled and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.

  13. Candidates will have to produce Mark sheet of the qualifying examination and all other relevant Certificates/Documents in original at the time of Counselling/completion of admission/notified date. However, a candidate who fails to submit the original Transfer Certificate at the time of Counselling /Admission may submit the same within 14 days from the date of admission failing which his/her admission may be cancelled.

  14. Selected candidates shall be allotted Medium of Instruction as per his/ her preference indicated in the Application Form. No change in the medium of instruction of the candidate would be allowed at any stage.

  15. Admitted candidates shall not be entitled to seek transfer from one School to another School of the University.

  16. The parents/guardians of the student should come to School personally for the following reasons:

    1. At the time of Interaction/counselling/admission.

    2. While seeking re-admission of their son/daughter.

    3. Whenever called by the Principal/Pro-Proctor/Class Teacher.

In case either of the parents is not available, the name of a guardian must be registered with the School. The School does not entertain persons claiming to be guardian, brother, uncle etc. of a student unless such person is on the record of the School.

  1. If any error/omission in the processing/verification of certificates /documents of a candidate is detected after the candidate is admitted to a class, the School has the right to cancel such admission at any stage at which the error/ omission is detected.

  2. If it is found, at any stage, that a candidate or his/her parent/guardian

    1. has used fraudulent means to secure admission;

    2. has made false or incorrect statement(s) in the application form;

    3. has not signed on the Application Form or somebody else has done so on his/her behalf;

then such a candidate shall not be allowed to complete the admission formalities, or in case already admitted, his/her admission shall be cancelled, ipso facto.

  1. In case of cancellation of admission by a candidate, after the closing date of admissions, the admission charges/fee of any kind paid by him/her will not be refunded.

  2. Answer Sheets and other relevant material pertaining to the Admission Test(s) of all the candidates and Application Forms of the non-admitted candidates will be weeded out after 04 months of the Closing Date of Admissions. Therefore, in case of any dispute regarding admission, the matter must be filed within this period otherwise the relevant records may not be available.

  3. Any dispute with regard to any matter relating to admission shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Local Courts at Aligarh and High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh only.

  4. The closing date for admissions to Classes I, VI and IX in the Schools is 14.08.2023. Any vacancy arising after this date in any class shall not be filled.

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